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ADATA Premier 8GB (1 x 8GB) 2133 MHz DDR4 Laptop Memory So-Dimm | AD4S21333W8G15-S

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  • New generation DDR4 performance
  • Greater computing power and efficiency with a superb cost-performance ratio
  • 2133MHz frequency at just 1.2V
  • Strict compliance with JEDEC standards
  • Rigorous quality assurance and testing

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DDR4 offers multiple advantages over previous DRAM generations, and ADATA provides the highest quality and the fastest performance. Our Premier SO-DIMM DDR4 modules for notebooks arrive in convenient 4GB and 8GB for instant upgrades on any compatible notebook. They deliver faster data transfers than DDR3, coupled with lower energy consumption that reduces heat and extends battery life. Our DDR4 is also optimized to unlock the power of the newest Intel processors.

Extra Fast and Ultra Efficient

ADATA DDR4 modules for notebooks realize new generation advantages in highly reliable and cost-effective products. DDR4 brings higher performance thanks to faster frequencies compared to DDR3, going up to 2133MHz. It does this while operating at a low 1.2V, which is 20% less than DDR3 in terms of energy consumption. DDR4 is therefore more performance and greater efficiency in one.

Specifications and Compatibility Info

● Module capacity : 4GB / 8GB
● Full RoHS and JEDEC compliance assured by ADATA
● Complete support for the latest Intel processors (Skylake/Haswell-E and beyond)

Lifetime Warranty

All ADATA memory modules are produced and tested by a rigorous quality control process for rapid computing and stable operation. In addition, ADATA memory modules provide customers a lifetime warranty for maximum assurance with excellent service.


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