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Barrow Choice Multicolor Compression Fitting – OD: 16mm Rigid Tubing Red | TFYKN-T16

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  • model:TFYKN-T16
  • Belong to category:Hard-tube Fitting
  • Red

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Choice series hard tube fast connection joint official listing
Hidden within the six angle groove structure, through screw wrench tool, saving more firmly
The main structure of the hidden joint can be realized by changing the different hand twisting ring, and the different colors can be matched and upgraded, and the color of the main body of the joint can not happen.
The structure design of science, Aluminum Alloy part only fastening applications, and water without direct contact, not corrosion caused copper mixed environment.
Super protection, 3 layers of sealing ring structure, to prevent leakage of hidden dangers
Buy 10 joint product distribution 1 wrench tool
The Choice series is to provide a new joint use experience and product selectivity for the vast majority of game player, the main body of the joint with a hidden six angle groove structure, can be installed and disassembled conveniently operation by using 8MML six angle wrench tool in do not need to change the main body of the joint parts of the case, by selecting the replacement of hand screw ring can be of different colors to achieve a more flexible free upgrade (hand screw ring, is to buy more color late and do not need to buy the whole joint, can take on an altogether new aspect)
Multi color hand ring material is made of aluminum alloy material, the individual color is brass.
Six corners of the main structure of the product has been applied for the patent of practical technology. Counterfeiting.
Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, the product may be color, the actual color to receive the goods.
Material: Brass
Dental rule: G1/4 (international general dental)
Max outside diameter: 24MM
Quantity: 1PCS / group
If the product material and other changes occur due to the upgrade, without further notice.


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