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Barrow Flat push type check valve(Male to Female) Black | TTLPFG

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BARROW exclusive R & D and manufacturing of intellectual property protection of double patent has been applied for utility model patents and patent counterfeiting.

Subversion of the traditional water cooling system of the new concept of valve products, water flow through the design, G1/4 standard thread interface, to provide good expansion compatibility
Multi color matching program, to provide more personalized choice
Note: please follow the instructions in the correct installation of water into and out of the water, is strictly prohibited to use in the opposite direction
Main material: brass, aluminum alloy
Thread specification: G1/4
Optional body color: bright silver / Black
Players can push ring color: Classic Black / Sapphire Blue / lake blue / emerald green / blood red / sand Ding silver / champagne gold / titanium gray / Luo Lanzi

In case of product structure upgrade, without notice, in kind prevail.


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