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Barrow Water Tank For D5/MCP655 Pump Cover (DIA:65MM, TL:210MM) black | YKD5G65-210

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  • Tank body*1pcs (Model No. YKD5G65-210)
  • Plastic Tank Bracket *2pcs
  • Mounting screw*1lot

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Specification of extension tank YKD5G65  for D5/MCP655 pump Serise  :
YKD5G65-210 length 210MM
1. External diameter: 68.5mm
2. Internal diameter: 65mm
3. Length: 211mm ± 1mm
4. Materials: Body-PMMA
Cover-POM high temperature resistant rubber

Packing list:
1. Tank body*1pcs (Model No. YKD5G65-210)
2. Plastic Tank Bracket *2pcs
3. Mounting screw*1lot

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